Immigration Lawyer for Fintech Companies in SA: Why You Should Work with Them

Immigration Lawyer for Fintech Companies in SA: Why You Should Work with Them


Innovation and fast-paced action are essential elements of the fintech industry, where the success of your product entirely depends on its developers. It’s important that your company partners with a Fintech recruitment agency that can respond swiftly and creatively to its needs.


There are many challenges associated with recruitment in the Fintech industry. Both experienced talent and future talent are in short supply. With the lack of skilled professionals in the Fintech industry and traditional financial institutions entering the market, recruiting will be a challenge. 

To Retain Existing Employees

Your company can reduce recruitment stress by retaining employees. Retaining more workers will reduce the number of new employees you have to hire. Although attrition will always occur as people’s goals and circumstances change, you can prevent losing employees due to discontent by preventing them from feeling disappointed. If you want your business to succeed, you must nurture and value your employees, not ignore them.


  • It is important to have the option to choose flexible hours – not everyone can work a traditional 9-5 schedule, and why should they have to? Scientific evidence does not support the 9-5 schedule. Flexible hours and remote work can increase employee retention.
  • There have been changes in the work culture – workers realize that money is not everything. It is without a doubt that most people are in search of a good wage, but not at the cost of their quality of life. Develop a unique work environment that promotes productivity while allowing for flexibility. Happy employees are less likely to look for something better elsewhere.
  • As an alternative to hiring staff for senior positions, identify and promote existing talent within the company. Employee loyalty will increase, as well as the cost and ease of recruiting for junior positions.

To Attract The Right Employees

Don’t try to beat the clock when recruiting. You’ll make ill-advised decisions and end up with poor results. The fintech industry is highly competitive, and there are few qualified job seekers available. The result of this is that qualified candidates are quickly snatched up when they become available. A more sensible strategy would be to reach out to the much larger pool of passive candidates. Fintech recruiters can assist in this effort.


Through their extensive talent database, they can identify which candidates are available, and which candidates may be considering a relocation. They can also identify what it would take to persuade them to move.


Recruiting relies heavily on industry networking. An Immigration lawyer for Fintech Companies in SA will utilize networks, job boards, industry forums, and industry trade shows on a global scale to find rare skills. Work with a specialist in your field who already has an active and ready-to-use network in place.

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